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What are the characteristics to be called high-quality idlers?

The conveyor idler is an important part of a belt conveyor, accounting for about 70% of the value of the entire belt conveyor, but now the conveyor accessories market is mixed, and some small factories or workshops can produce it, which brings the quality of the conveyor idler For more hidden dangers, how to buy high-quality conveyor idlers, I hope you can provide more technical advice. Thank you! !

Conveyors play an increasingly important role in modern industries, such as coal mines, power plants, ports, and automated packaging lines. All industrial areas have their presence, whether it is dusty factories and mines, or spotless modern pharmaceutical packaging production lines, or The chemical industry with harsh and corrosive environments is the environment that it has to face. The pressure of the core component of the conveyor idler must be conceivable. Therefore, the choice of high-quality conveyor idler will not affect the safety of the conveyor in the future. Failure and rotation are important, so how to choose high-quality conveyor idlers, should pay attention to the following points:

1. Pay attention to the quality of the conveyor idler tube. A good conveyor idler special welded straight seam tube should have uniform wall thickness, no decorative pits on the inside and outside, no groove marks or convex marks on the rear welding seam, and no defects such as misaligned cracks on the welding surface. .

2. Sealing system. The seal must be assembled strictly. The seal cover outside the seal should not be out of concentricity with the bearing seat, and there will be a larger gap on one side, so that external dust and water can easily enter the inside of the conveyor idler seal.

3. The rotation resistance of the conveyor idler, the bearing and seal of the high-quality conveyor idler are put into a certain amount of lithium-based grease when assembling, so all the rotation resistance of the conveyor idler during the experimental rotation comes from the adhesion of the lithium-based grease in the bearing When the idler is in normal use, there will be more grease to lubricate the bearing to extend its life, while inferior idler is assembled to reduce its cost, and less or no lithium-based grease is placed in the process of using the idler. When it is fully lubricated, the life of the conveyor idler is greatly reduced.


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