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What are the main indicators for judging the normal operation of the conveyor roller

The influence of the radial runout of the conveyor idler on the belt conveyor: within the specified runout range, the conveyor belt can be kept running smoothly, otherwise it will cause the belt conveyor belt to resonate and jump, causing material toss and pollute the environment. The higher the speed, the more obvious the benefit of smaller radial runout. The general international standard stipulates a quantity of 0.7 mm, and the Japanese JIS standard stipulates a quantity of 0.5 mm.

The impact of the flexibility of the conveyor idler on the conveyor: During the operation of the conveyor, the flexibility of the conveyor idler is very important. If the flexibility of the conveyor idler is not good and the coefficient of rotation resistance is high, the entire conveyor system will have to pay more. Large power consumes more electricity, and sometimes causes the conveyor belt to tear, the motor burns out, and in more serious cases, it can cause a fire. Therefore, the selection of conveyor idlers with low rotation resistance coefficient (preferably lower than 0.020) is an important part of conveyor design and selection.

The impact of axial movement on conveyors: my country’s conveyor manufacturing technology is becoming more and more advanced, but axis movement is still a topic that needs to be studied. Because of the limitations of conveyor belt manufacturing technology, conveyor belt deviations often occur , If the amount of axial movement of the conveyor idler is large, it will cause early damage to the conveyor idler. Generally, it is better to control the axial movement within 0.5-0.7 mm.

There are five criteria for judging the quality of conveyor idlers:

1. Dust-proof performance of conveyor idler

2. Waterproof performance of conveyor idler

3. Axial bearing performance of conveyor idler

4. Impact resistance of conveyor idler

5. Service life of conveyor idler


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