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What are the advantages of nylon conveyor idler?

 1. The nylon idler has extremely high wear resistance, extremely low friction coefficient, and it is not easy to wear the belt;


2. Nylon conveyor idler have excellent self-lubricating properties, do not need to be oiled, and are not easy to jam under harsh conditions;


3. The nylon idler has antistatic, anti-smoldering, anti-aging, and chemical resistance (acid, alkali and organic solvent) corrosion;


4. Can withstand repeated shocks and vibrations;


5. The ambient temperature range of nylon conveyor idler is: -40℃~80;


6. Excellent mechanical performance, light weight, convenient installation and no maintenance;


7. Nylon conveyor idler have low noise (3-7DB) and run smoothly and have a long life (3-5 times the life of metal conveyor idler)


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