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  • Impact bed
  • Impact bed
Impact bedImpact bed

Impact bed

  • Material of surface of impact bar: UHMW
  • Processing Type: Casting
  • Certificate: ISO9001:200
  • Product description:

1)Type: Impact bed

2)Material of surface of impact bar: UHMW
3)Processing Type: Casting
4)Certificate: ISO9001:200

Unique features:
Excellent surface contact
No spillage and scattering
Easy dismantle and assemble

All parts are fixed so as to reduce daily repair expense.

Absorbing shock force evenly in supporting area,so as to reduceing belt loose, damage and keep carried material integrity.

Inclined guide angle from bed can smoothly guide belt against hindered.

Impct bed could fit for all kind of belt’s width & angle and can bear strong shock.

Effecient installation and easy to be changed and maintenance