Conveyor Idler

Conveyor Idler

JIENASI conveyor idlers& rollers apply to heavy duty bulk ma...

Trough conveyor idler & frame

Trough conveyor idler & fr

Apply to bulk material delivery such as Powder,Stone,Mining ...

Impact Conveyor Idler

Impact Conveyor Idler

Used to reduce the impact of blanking on the conveyor belt...

HDPE Conveyor Idler

HDPE Conveyor Idler

Widely used in highly corrosive environments such as salt pl...

SS304 Stainless Conveyor Idler

SS304 Stainless Conveyor I

It is mainly used under the iron remover of the belt conveyo...

Self-cleaning Conveyor Idler

Self-cleaning Conveyor Idl

Used in conveying environments for viscous materials...