How to deal with conveyor belt slip & deviation 2023

1. Insufficient traction between belt and pulley:

Lag drive pulley; Increase belt wrap; Install belt cleaning devices.

2. Pulley lagging worn:

Replace pulley lagging.

3. Counterweight too light:

Add counterweight or increase screw take-up tension to value determined from calculations.
4. Material spillage and buildup:

Improve loading and transfer conditions; Install cleaning devices; Improve maintenance.

5. Sticking idlers:

Free idlers and improve maintenance and lubrication.

6.Uneven belt tension:
Ensure proper tensioning of the belt; Use tensioning devices such as take-up screws or gravity take-ups.

7.Uneven loading of the belt:
Improve loading and transfer conditions; Ensure material is evenly distributed across the width of the belt.

8.Improper conveyor structure:
Ensure that the conveyor structure is properly designed and installed to prevent misalignment.

9.Belt damage or wear:
Replace the damaged or worn belt and ensure proper maintenance and inspection.

10.Environmental factors:
Adjust the conveyor system to account for changes in temperature, humidity, or other environmental factors that may affect belt traction.

11.Improper belt selection:
Select a belt with appropriate characteristics for the specific application, such as belt material, strength, and thickness.

12.Misalignment of pulleys:
Adjust or align pulleys to ensure that they are properly aligned and parallel to each other.

13.Inadequate training of personnel:
Ensure that personnel are properly trained in the operation and maintenance of the conveyor system to prevent issues such as


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