How to solve conveyor belt runs off at head pulley

1.Pulley lagging worn: Replace pulley lagging.
2.Material spillage and accumulation: improved loading and transfer conditions; installation of cleaning devices; improved maintenance.
3.Conveyor Idlers or pulleys not at right angles to belt centerline: Readjust idler pulleys in affected area.
4.Conveor Idlers not centered on belt: Readjust idlers in affected area.
5.Conveyor belt tension is inconsistent: adjust the tension of the conveyor belt.
6.The drive pulley is not installed correctly: reinstall the pulley so that it is on the same plane and the connection point to the conveyor belt is in a vertical position.
7.The axis of the roller is not correct: adjust the axis so that it is perpendicular to the conveyor belt and on the same plane.
8.Conveyor belt quality problems: replace or repair the affected section.
9.Belt too loose or too tight: Adjust belt tension.
10.Insufficient roller diameter: Replace the roller with a more suitable diameter.
11.The conveyor belt deviates from the central axis during operation: adjust the position and angle of the conveyor belt according to the specific situation.
12.Roller surfaces are uneven: Polish or replace affected rollers.

13.Damaged pulley or idler bearings: replace damaged bearings.
14.Ambient temperature or humidity changes: adjust the tension of the conveyor belt or adjust the ambient temperature and humidity.
15.Conveyor belt is jammed by foreign objects: stop the conveyor belt and remove the jammed foreign objects.

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