How to handle conveyor belt deviation at tail pulley

Conveyor belts are an integral part of many production lines, moving materials from one place to another. However, sometimes the tail pulley of the conveyor belt will deviate, which will have a negative impact on the production process.

The deviation of the tail pulley of the conveyor belt means that the tail pulley of the conveyor belt deviates from the center line and deviates from the track during operation, and the following hazards usually occur:

Damaged Belts: Belts that are off centerline for extended periods of time can cause frictional damage, reduce service life, and require more frequent belt replacements.

Affecting production efficiency: The normal operating speed of the conveyor belt is limited, and the predetermined production efficiency cannot be achieved.

Increased repair costs: As the conveyor belt is not functioning properly, the cost of repair and replacement also increases.

Therefore, it is very important to find and solve the problem of the deviation of the tail pulley of the conveyor belt in time, so as to avoid unnecessary production stoppage and cost loss. The following are the reasons and solutions for the deviation of the tail pulley of the conveyor belt

1.Pulley rubber lagging worn: Replace pulley rubber lagging.
2.Material spillage and accumulation: improved loading and transfer conditions; installation of cleaning devices; improved maintenance.
3.Conveyor Idlers or tail pulleys not at right angles to belt centerline: Readjust idler pulleys in affected area.
4.Conveyor Idlers not centered on belt: Readjust idlers in affected area.
5.Conveyor belt tension is inconsistent: adjust the tension of the conveyor belt.
6.The drive or tail pulley is not installed correctly: reinstall the pulley so that it is on the same plane and the connection point to the conveyor belt is in a vertical position.
7.The axis of the roller or tail pulley is not correct: adjust the axis so that it is perpendicular to the conveyor belt and on the same plane.
8.Conveyor belt quality problems: replace or repair the affected section.
9.Conveyor tail blocked by foreign object: Stop belt and remove jammed object.


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