Optimizing Chute Design for Material Flow and Belt Protection

The grooving, gouging, or stripping of a belt's top cover can significantly affect conveyor belt performance and longevity. Several factors contribute to this issue, including improper skirt board adjustment, belt spanking under load impact, material hanging up in chutes, and direct impact of material on the conveyor belt. In this article, we will explore practical solutions to address each of these challenges and enhance conveyor belt reliability.

The following are some common causes and solutions for grooving, gouging, or stripping

1.Skirt boards improperly adjusted or of wrong material:

Adjust skirt board supports to minimum 25mm between metal and belt with gap increasing in direction of belt travel; Use skirt board rubber(not old belt).

2.Belt spanking down under load impact:

Install cushion idlers.

3. Material hanging up in or under chute:

Improve loading to reduce spillage; Install baffles; widen chute.

4. Impact of material on belt:

Reduce impact by improving chute design; Install impact idlers.

In conclusion, preventing grooving, gouging, or stripping of the belt's top cover requires a systematic approach. Properly adjusting skirt boards, using cushion idlers, improving loading, and installing impact idlers can significantly reduce belt damage and extend its service life. Implementing these measures not only ensures smoother material handling but also reduces maintenance costs and downtime, contributing to efficient and safe conveyor operations.

conveyor idler

conveyor idler


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