Technical Articles

Vulcanized splice separation

1.Belt improperly spliced:

Resplice using proper method as recommended by ContiTech (Shandong) R&D department.

2.Pulleys too small: Use larger diameter pulleys.

3.Tension too high:

Increase speed, same tonnage; Reduce tonnage, same speed; Reduce friction with better maintenance and replacement of damaged idlers; Decrease tension by increasing arc of contactor go to lagged pulley; Reduce CWT to minimum amount.

4.Material trapped between belt and pulley:

Install plows or scrapers on return run ahead of tail pulley.

5.Improper transition between troughed belt and terminal pulleys:

Refer to DIN 22131; Adjust transition in accordance with belt standard; Consult ContiTech (Shandong) R&D department.


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