What is the driving conveyor pulley in a belt conveyor system

According to the bearing capacity, the transmission conveyor pulley is divided into three types: light, medium and heavy. The same conveyor pulley has several different shaft diameters and center spans for selection; the surface of the conveyor pulley has smooth steel surface, herringbone and diamond pattern rubber coating. The chevron pattern rubber surface has a large friction coefficient, good drainage, but has directionality. The chevron tip should be consistent with the running direction of the conveyor belt during installation. The two-way conveyor should adopt a diamond pattern. When used in important occasions, it must be covered with vulcanized rubber; when used in flame-retardant and explosion-proof occasions, response and explosion-proof measures should be adopted. The bearing housings are divided into integral and split types, and all use oil cups. , Conducive to grease lubrication.

The scope and characteristics of the conveyor pulley

1. The conveying drum can replace the motor-reducer type external driving device that is widely used at present to form a belt conveyor, which can transport coal, ore, sand, cement, flour and other bulk materials, as well as hemp bales, equipment, etc. Into an item.

2. The structure is simple and compact, occupying a small space area.

3. Well sealed, suitable for working places with high dust concentration and damp muddy soil.

4. Convenient use and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, and long life.

5. Low energy consumption and easy to achieve centralized control.

6. It can meet all kinds of backstop, brake, rubber encapsulation and other needs.

The advantages of the driving conveyor pulley

The conveyor pulley is used as the power of belt conveyors and lifting equipment. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, chemical, coal, building materials, electric power, food and transportation sectors. The conveyor pulley produced by our factory has three transmission modes: fixed shaft gear and planetary gear cycloid needle transmission. The installation types include motor built-in, external and mobile. When the motor is built-in, there are two types of oil cooling and oil immersion. Because of the transmission conveyor pulley Compared with general deceleration mechanism, it has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, good sealing performance and convenient installation.


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