Tackling Tough Wear: Tips for Extending Pulley Cover Lifespan

In conveyor systems, sticking idlers, slippage on drive pulleys, material spillage, material trapping, protruding bolt heads, and excessive forward tilt of trough idlers can all lead to operational challenges and safety risks. In this comprehensive article, we will explore practical solutions for each issue, ensuring smooth and efficient conveyor operations.

The following are several reasons and solutions for the serious wear and tear of the pulley lagging:

1. Sticking conveyor idlers:
Free idlers and improve maintenance and lubrication.

2. Slippage on drive pulley:

Increase tension trough screw take-up or add counterweight; Lag drive pulley; Increase arc of contact.

3. Material spillage and buildup:

Improve loading and transfer conditions; Install cleaning devices; Improve maintenance.

4. Material trapped between conveyor belt and pulley:

Install plows or scrapers on return run ahead of tail pulley.

5. Bolt heads protruding above lagging:

Tighten bolts; Replace lagging; Use vulcanized-on lagging

6. Excessive forward tilt of trough conveyor idlers:

Reduce forward tilt of idlers to no more than 2°from vertical.

Addressing common conveyor challenges is crucial for maintaining optimal system performance. By freeing sticking idlers, adjusting tension on drive pulleys, improving loading conditions, and installing cleaning devices, operators can reduce material spillage and prevent material trapping. Regular maintenance and proper equipment adjustments, such as reducing forward tilt of trough idlers and addressing protruding bolt heads, will enhance safety and efficiency. Implementing these solutions ensures uninterrupted material flow and maximizes the lifespan of conveyor systems.

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