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The reason for the damage of the underground conveyor idler

Through years of research, we have conducted a detailed analysis and summary of the use of idlers in coal mines, and found that the main reasons for the damage of conveyor idlers are as follows:


1. The contamination of the conveyor idler bearing caused by water spray and coal slime increases the resistance of the bearing until it becomes stuck and fails;


2. The rust and corrosion of the pipe body caused by the sulfur and acid in the water. The 4.5 mm thick pipe wall is corroded through usually about a year, especially if it is corroded through as long as 5 months;


3. The deviation of the self-aligning bracket device, the self-aligning idler and the conveyor belt are not straight at 90 degrees, but sideways. Long-term operation will cause the wall of the conveyor idler tube to wear quickly, and the side of the conveyor belt is also very worn. serious. The wall of the idler tube installed on the forward tilting bracket wears relatively quickly;


 4. The tapered self-aligning conveyor idler, the tube wall is less than 3.5mm, it is easy to wear through;


 5. The service life of the impact idler is about 3 months. Cushioning aprons are basically made of rubber, which is not only poor in elasticity, but also poor in abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and aging resistance. The impact force is small, and the service life is only about 1 year. When the impact force is large, it is more than ten. It will break and fall off in the sky, causing serious damage to the conveyor belt. So now many conveyors start to choose expensive impact beds


 Therefore, the conveyor idlers used in coal mines not only need to be well sealed, but the bearings can work under outstanding smooth conditions for a long time, and the idler tube wall must be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant to achieve the desired effect.


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