4 failure phenomena and their causes that often occur in mining conveyor idlers

Belt conveyors used in coal mines usually have harsh operating environments, heavy mineral loads and long conveying distances, which not only cause coal conveying loss, but also reduce the efficiency of the conveyor, and even cause a series of conveyor failures, such as conveyor belt deviation, conveyor slipping, deceleration machine failure, conveyor idler failure and other safety failures. Therefore, it is very important to take the belt conveyor operation failure seriously.

As an important component of the conveyor, idler it account for 80% of the number of accessories in the entire conveyor line and undertake 90% of the transportation work. Therefore, ensuring the normal operation of conveyor idlers is of great significance for reducing maintenance costs. Due to the harsh transportation environment, the conveyor idlers of coal mine conveyors are very prone to failure. There are many factors that cause the performance of the conveyor idlers to decline, which can be mainly divided into:

First, the conveyor idler itself is welded by seamless steel pipes, and the machining accuracy is not high, which causes the center of the conveyor idler and the center of gravity to not be at the same position and eccentricity occurs; there is a hollow bearing hole inside the conveyor idler, and the center of the hole is inconsistent with the center of gravity of the conveyor idler , It may also cause the conveyor idler to shift.

Second, the conveying process of the conveyor belt usually involves multi-stage conveying, and the frequent falling of coal lumps will cause continuous impact on the conveyor belt, resulting in deformation of the conveyor belt and conveyor idlers. The higher the vertical drop between the conveyor belts, the greater the mass of coal blocks, the faster the conveyor runs, and the sharper the edges and corners of the coal blocks, which will lead to stronger impact damage to the conveyor idlers.

Thirdly, the gaps between conveyor idlers sealing, bearings and other accessories are polluted by dust during the process of transporting coal, and the untimely and insufficient lubrication between the sealing systems will also lead to poor actual use of the conveyor idlers, and in humid and rainy environments. The conveyor idler bearing is corroded and fails, which will cause the idler conveyor idler to be stuck.

The fourth, conveyor idler noise: the conveyor idler noise is mainly caused by the eccentric vibration of the conveyor idler assembly, which is usually caused by the different uniformity of the material selected in the idler manufacturing process, the installation center of the conveyor idler tube is inconsistent with the center of gravity of the overall assembly, and centrifugal rotation occurs causing noise. The noise source of conveyor idlers is more common in the return conveyor idlers, which may be due to the greater mass of the return conveyor idlers resulting in greater inertial kinetic energy of eccentric vibration

Coal mine belt conveyors have various accessories, so it is necessary to establish a unified accessories procurement platform, clarify the conveyor spare parts procurement system, and strictly control product quality. Choose high-quality accessories, especially those that often need to be replaced, such as conveyor idlers, reducer shafts, and conveyor pulleys, choose to cooperate with merchants with relevant qualifications and brand effects, and invite third-party testing agencies to produce quality inspection reports to meet coal transportation requirements.

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