Say Goodbye to Alignment Issues: Introducing Tapered Self-Aligning Conveyor Idlers

The conveyor belt is the key equipment of the conveying system, and its safe and stable operation directly affects the production operation. The "misalignment" of the conveyor belt is the most common failure of the belt conveyor, and its timely and accurate treatment is the guarantee of its safe and stable operation. There are many phenomena and reasons for misalignment, and different adjustment methods must be adopted according to different misalignment phenomena and reasons to effectively solve the problem. The following introduces a special conveyor idler device for conveyor belt misalignment correction, taper self-aligning idler .

The tapered self-aligning conveyor idler is mainly based on the DTII selection manual, and its two tapered conveyor idlers are installed on their respective slewing frames. When the tapered conveyor idlers are installed, the big end is in the middle and the small end is on the outside, the synchronous rotation is realized through the link mechanism, and the beam is directly connected to the intermediate frame.

The working principle of the tapered conveyor idler is: because the diameters at both ends of the tapered conveyor idler are different, when the conveyor idler rotates, the same angular speed of the conveyor idler will produce different linear speeds on the tapered diameter. According to the relationship between the angular velocity and the linear velocity, when the angular velocity is constant, the linear velocity is proportional to the radius, therefore, on the tapered conveyor idler, the linear velocity of the big end is high, and the linear velocity of the small end is small, so there is a linear speed difference on one tapered conveyor idler.

When the conveyor belt deviates, the conveyor belt is in contact with the small end of the idler, because the linear speed of the small end creates an additional resistance between the conveyor idler and the conveyor belt, which drives the slewing frame to rotate around the rotary shaft at a certain angle, the conveyor idler group exerts a lateral thrust on the conveyor belt, which makes the conveyor belt return to the normal track after misalignment, so as to realize the automatic misalignment correction of the conveyor belt and ensure the centered operation of the conveyor belt.

Its advantages are: replace the troughing conveyor idler with a tapered conveyor idler, use the linear speed difference to make the conveyor idler slewing frame generate a forward force, and change the force of the conveyor idler, so that the conveyor belt will be deviated. The lateral thrust is increased, and the centering effect is more obvious.

conveyor idler

conveyor idler

conveyor idler

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