5 ways to extend the service life of conveyor idlers

We all know that the wear of conveyor idlers is relatively large, in addition to regular replacement of conveyor idlers, the damage of sporadic idlers on the conveyor line is also a great threat to the conveyor belt, therefore, how to prolong the working life of idlers is very important. The following introduces 5 method to prolong the service life of belt conveyor idlers

1. Conduct regular observation and statistics on the replacement of conveyor idlers, correct problems such as loose conveyor belt brackets, left and right imbalances, reduced number of brackets installed, and inaccurate installation positions, especially check the frequently damaged positions of the conveyor idlers to prevent part of the stress is overloaded, shorten the placement interval of the idlers in the raised section, and increase the number of conveyor idlers.

2. The impact idlers is the roller with the largest impact force, so the distance between the impact idler brackets should be as short as possible, and the distance between the brackets of the impact idlers is generally 100-600 mm. Reducing the distance between the impact idlers can reduce the impact force of a single idler, but the total resistance will increase. Except for the protection of the conveyor belt at the unloading point, do not increase the density of the carrying idlers in the general load-bearing section.

3. Improve the harsh environment of conveyor idler operation, increase dust removal equipment on the conveyor line, and enhance air circulation, thereby eliminating the accumulation of materials on the conveyor production line, avoiding the burying of conveyor idlers, and preventing conveyor idlers from being transported with brackets or other components are rubbing.

4. Disassemble the bearing roller with large wear. The main cause of this loss is that the coaxiality of the conveyor idler is too poor, the radial run-out is too large, resulting in excessive vibration and increased resistance, which makes the rotation system of the conveyor idler fail and the service life is reduced. If there are too many idlers with radial run-out, it will increase the running resistance of other conveyor idlers in the conveyor line, which will indirectly affect their operating life.

5. Use the vacuum nozzle to remove the dust attached to the surface of the conveying idlers, reduce the probability of dust entering the sealing system, and reduce the impact of fine dust on the bearing. If it is running outdoors, adding conveyor cover on the conveying line to prevent rain. snow erosion, this can effectively prolong the service life of the conveyor idlers.

In summary, prolonging the service life of belt conveyor idlers is crucial for efficient and safe conveyor operation. Regular observation and adjustment of the conveyor system, improving harsh environment, and proper maintenance of idlers can effectively extend their lifespan and reduce the likelihood of sporadic idler damage. By implementing these methods, industries can save on maintenance costs and prevent unscheduled downtime. Therefore, it is recommended that companies adopt these practices to ensure the longevity and reliable performance of their conveyor systems.

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