How to prolong the service life of the impact idler?

The impact idler plays an irreplaceable role in the conveying system, which can effectively reduce the impact of materials on the conveyor belt and prolong the service life of the conveyor belt.

When choosing a impact idler, we should pay attention to the following aspects: the radial run-out of the impact idler; the flexibility of the idler; the axial movement of the impact idler, the dust-proof performance.

Due to the long-term striking of the impact idler and the harsh operating environment, the service life of the impact idle is 30%-40% lower than that of the common carrying idler, therefore, prolonging the life of the impact idler is very important for the operating efficiency and operating cost of the entire conveyor line. If we can do the following 5 points, it will effectively extend the service life of the impact idler:

1. Regular inspection

Through appropriate regular inspections, the impact idlers can detect faulty rollers early, and at the same time clean the impact idler bearings regularly, which has a corresponding effect on extending the service life of the bearings. In order to judge whether the disassembled bearing can be used again, it is necessary to focus on checking its dimensional accuracy, rotation accuracy, internal clearance, mating surface, raceway surface, cage and sealing ring, etc. Judgment criteria vary depending on mechanical performance, importance, and inspection cycle. Bearings should not be reused if damaged as follows and need to be replaced.

A. impact idler bearings have cracks, fractures and defects in parts.

B. The raceway surface and the ball are peeled off.

C. The cage is deformed or broken

D. The sealing ring on either side is damaged

conveyor idler

2. Increase the installation density of impact idlers

How to reasonably arrange the impact idlers and design the appropriate spacing between the idler groups to reduce the number of impact idlers used and reduce the price of the whole machine. However, the installation principle of the impact idler is to increase the installation density, which can improve the bearing capacity of the impact idler at the blanking point and prolong the service life of the impact idler, it is recommended to install a impact bed for the blanking point with a blanking drop greater than 6 meters. Instead of impact idlers.

3. Adopt high-quality impact rubber ring

The rubber impact ring is the body armor of the impact idler, and low-quality rubber will seriously reduce the ability of the rubber impact ring to absorb impact, thereby causing continuous impact on the entire structure of the idlers, thereby seriously reducing the service life of the impact idler, so it should be avoid using impact rings made of recycled waste rubber, and choose impact rings with high natural rubber content to increase the elasticity of the rubber ring

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4. Improve the sealing performance of the impact idler

The dust-proof of the impact idler, especially the sealing performance against the pollution of semi-fluid objects (thin mud), is very important to the service life, so a mature labyrinth seal should be selected, so as to prevent dust and dirt from entering the rotating system to the greatest extent. Thereby protecting the stable operation of the bearing.

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5. Improve the machining accuracy of the impact idler

The accuracy of the position of the bearings at both ends of the impact idler, the radial run-out of the outer circle, the rotation resistance, the moment of inertia, the noise during operation, and the rust can all have a direct impact on the operation of the conveyor accessories. Only increase the thickness of the steel tube wall of the impact idler in order to improve the life of the impact idler. This method not only does not solve the sealing problem, but also increases the moment of inertia of the impact idler, and the premature failure of the bearing will cause severe wear of the conveyor belt, energy loss, noise pollution and various potential accidents.

The production and processing accuracy of the impact idler mainly refers to the concentricity of the shell and the inner holes at both ends of the idler and the machining accuracy of the axial dimensions of each part. If the concentricity is too poor, it will cause the rolling bearing to seize, increase the resistance, and reduce the service life; if the axial dimension error of the parts is too large, a large axial gap will be formed, resulting in axial movement, and damage to lubrication and sealing; If the installation quality is not good, there will be deviation, jamming, increased wear, etc., which will reduce the service life of the impact idler.

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