Advantages and detailed specifications of EP conveyor belts

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Polyester conveyor belt, also known as EP conveyor belt, its fabric layer is made of warp polyester and weft nylon. The performance characteristics of this fabric are low elongation in the warp direction and excellent trough shaping performance in the weft direction, and the tensile strength of EP fabric does not decrease in a humid environment, also, the initial modulus of polyester is high, and a bottom safety factor can be adopted. It is suitable for conveying materials under medium and long distances with high load and high speed.

Application of polyester (EP) conveyor belt:

Suitable for industries that transport bulk materials, such as cement, coal mines, foundries, grains, quarries, timber, sand, steel factory, etc

Advantages of polyester conveying:

Polyester (EP) fiber has the characteristics of high modulus and low shrinkage, so the conveyor belt has extremely high dimensional stability. It is suitable for distance conveying occasions.
It has strong resistance to the erosion of water and water vapor, and has good adhesion between the carcass layers and the rubber cover(not less than 4.5N/mm between the layers, not less than 3.2 N/mm between the cover rubber and the layer layer), which avoids the phenomenon of delamination of the belt during conveyor belt working and prolongs the service life.

Polyester (EP) conveyor belt series products are divided into EP-100 type (single layer is EP100), EP-150 type, EP-200 type, EP-250 type, EP-300 type, EP-350 type, EP-400 type Type, large inclination angle (sidewall belt) conveying, endless conveyor belt, pattern conveyor belt due to different conveying materials and different conveying inclination angles, the shape and height of the pattern are required to be different.

EP conveyor belts are divided into many specifications and models according to the use environment and requirements:

1. According to the size of the transportation volume, it is divided into: B300mm, B500mm, B600mm, B650mm, B700mm, B750mm, B800mm, B1000mm, B1200mm, B1400mm, B1600mm, B1800mm, B2000mm, B2200mm, B2400mm, B2600mm, the max.width can reach 5000mm.

2. According to the different use environments, it is divided into ordinary EP conveyor belts including ordinary type, heat-resistant type, fire-resistant type, acid and alkali-resistant type, oil-resistant type, food conveyor belts and other models. Among them, the minimum thickness of the covering rubber on ordinary conveyor belts and food conveyor belts is 3.0mm, and the minimum thickness of the bottom covering rubber is 1.5mm; mm, and the bottom cover rubber is at least 2.0mm. According to the specific situation of the use environment, you can press
1.5mm to increase the thickness of the top and bottom cover rubber.

3.According to the tensile strength of EP conveyor belt, it is divided into ordinary conveyor belt and strong conveyor belt.
Ordinary conveyor belt can carry variety of materials without spikes, block, granular, granular, semi-granular and powder. Such as: ore, charcoal sand and gravel, cement at construction site, conveying various bulk, granular, granular, semi-granular, powder bulk materials with a bulk density of 6.5~2.5t/m3.

Strong fabric conveyor belts are divided into nylon conveyor belts (NN conveyor belts) and polyester conveyor belts (EP conveyor belts).The tensile strength of this type of conveyor belt is not less than 20Mpa, the elongation at break is not less than 350%, the abrasion resistance amount is less than or equal to 150mm3, the average value of the layer bonding strength of the longitudinal is not less than 4.5N/mm between layers, this kind of conveyor belt is generally used for long-distance and sharp ore material transportation over 150 meters

Representation method of EP conveyor belt: DIN-Y, EP100 B800*5(4.5+1.5) 800m

Among them, DIN-Y represents the implementation standard of the cover rubber (DIN is the German 22012 implementation standard, Y represents the tensile strength of the cover rubber is 20Mpa), EP represents the type of polyester cloth layer, B800 represents the width of the conveyor belt, and 5 represents the is the number of layers of polyester fabric, 4.5 represents the thickness of the top cover rubber is 4.5mm, 1.5 represents the thickness of the bottom cover rubber, and 800m represents the length of the conveyor belt.

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