The Impact of Radial Runout of conveyor idlers on Belt Conveyors

In China, the national standard specifies a radial runout tolerance of 0.7 millimeters for conveyor idlers. Within the range of this specified tolerance, it is possible to maintain smooth operation of the belt conveyor. Otherwise, the belt conveyor may experience belt resonance and bouncing, leading to material spillage, environmental pollution, and adverse effects that become more pronounced at higher belt speeds. Smaller radial runout values have clear advantages, especially at high belt speeds.

The Influence of conveyor idlers Sensitivity on Belt Conveyors

If the conveyor idlers sensitivity is poor and the rotational resistance coefficient is high, the entire belt conveyor system will require more power and consume more electricity. In some cases, it can even result in belt tearing and motor burnout, and in severe cases, it may lead to fires. Therefore, during the operation of the belt conveyor, the sensitivity of the conveyor idlers is crucial, and selecting conveyor idlers with low rotational resistance coefficients is an important consideration in the design and selection of belt conveyors.

The Impact of Axial Movement on Belt Conveyors

Despite advancements in conveyor manufacturing technology in China, axial movement remains an important topic of study. Due to the current state of belt manufacturing technology and conveyor installation skills in China, belt misalignment issues can often occur. If there is significant axial movement in the conveyor idlers, it can lead to premature damage to the rollers. Typically, we aim to control axial movement within 0.5-0.7 millimeters.

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conveyor idler

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