Types and Function of Conveyor Idler processing Machine

The article introduces various conveyor idler processing machines crucial for producing high-quality and reliable conveyor idlers. These machines play a vital role in ensuring precision and consistency during idler manufacturing. From cutting and welding to polishing and sealing, each machine contributes to the overall performance and longevity of conveyor idlers.

1. Auto Steel Pipe Cutting Machine Max working diameter can reach to 159mm with ±0.5mm precision.

2. Steel Pipe Polishing Machine Remove pipe rust off from steel pipe, that will make strong static painting work on surface of conveyor idler.

3. Pipe Edging Processing Machine. This step is very crucial because it will effect run-out of conveyor idler in latitude direction, over run- out will lead to serious bounce of conveyor idler.

4. Gas Auto-welding Machine. This machine is auto processing by programe which make sure the welding tracing smoothing and without any crack.

5. Shaft flat Processing Machine. Longitudinal consistency of the conveyor shaft is very important during conveyor idler running, bad consistency will effect matching with conveyor bracket.

6. Sealing System Processing Machine. Sealing system of conveyor idler include bearing, labyrinth system, seal system and lock parts, this machine will press all components of both side into bearing holder simultaneously, in this way, the stress of all parts will reach to perfect balance, that will be very good for prolonging working life of conveyor idler.

In conclusion, the use of advanced conveyor idler processing machines ensures the production of top-notch conveyor idlers. These machines guarantee precise diameter, smooth welding, and proper sealing, which are essential for the optimal functioning and durability of conveyor systems. With such meticulous processing, conveyor idlers can withstand the demands of heavy-duty material handling and provide efficient and reliable performance throughout their lifespan.

conveyor idler

conveyor idler

conveyor idler


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