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What is conveyor idler static and dynamic load?

The conveyor idler load can be divided into static load and dynamic load. In engineering design, static and dynamic calculation methods are generally used. In the traditional design, the static characteristic calculation is paid more attention to. With the development of the dynamic analysis of the conveyor system, the dynamic characteristics are now paid more and more attention in the design process of the conveyor idler. Correct calculation of these loads is very important for selecting the idler and estimating the life of the idler.

The static load calculation of the idler mainly considers the forward pressure generated by the weight of the conveyor material and the conveyor belt on the idler. The tension of the conveyor belt should also be considered in the bending section of the conveyor belt, especially in the concave and convex arc. The force analysis of the grooved conveyor idler is mainly the distribution problem of the load on the three conveyor idlers, especially in the convex arc segment. At present, most of the calculations regard the intermediate conveyor idler as the most stressed, according to the weight of the material 70%. 40% of the weight of the conveyor belt is calculated, but the bearing of the two conveyor idlers after the side conveyor idlers are loaded is not equal, and there is a relatively large axial force. For more conveyor idler information please log on www.conveyoroller.com for checking!

The dynamic load of the conveyor idlers must be considered when selecting the conveyor idlers. The dynamic load of the conveyor idler is generated by various factors, mainly including: 1 dynamic load generated when the conveyor idler shell is eccentrically rotated; 2 dynamic load generated by the eccentric rotation of the conveyor idler and the conveyor belt; 3 conveyor belt and material The dynamic load generated by the impact of the conveyor idler during the movement; 4 The dynamic load generated by the lateral bending vibration of the conveyor belt against the idler; 5 The dynamic load generated by the tension of the conveyor belt on the idler of the transition section idler and the curved section; When the conveyor belt passes the idler, the material and the conveyor belt are deformed to exert force on the side conveyor idlers, especially when the material contains large blocks. 7 Impact load of the conveyor idler where the material is dropped by the falling material.


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