Deadly Threat of Rubber Conveyor Belt -conveyor idler Stuck

The rubber conveyor belt is an important part of the conveyor, which plays the role of material transportation, but due to the natural properties of rubber, it is extremely vulnerable to damage from the external environment, such as corrosion, wear and scratches, and the conveyor idler is stuck one of the most serious causes of damage to conveyor belts.

In most cases, conveyor idlers are made of metal materials such as steel, this construction is great because it means the parts are usually very durable and long-lasting. However, this also means that when the conveyor idlers on the conveyor belt seize, they are more likely to develop sharp edges, these sharp edges in turn can have a major impact on the entire conveying system. They can cause the belt to deviate unevenly along the center line of the conveyor line. Firstly, it poses a significant safety threat to any worker in the vicinity of the conveyor belt, and secondly, it can cause fatal scratches to the body of the conveyor belt, and as this sharp edge expands, so does the injury to the conveyor belt , and overall damage.

In addition to the damage to the conveyor belt, a large area of conveyor idlers will cause the friction resistance of the conveyor to increase, resulting in an increase in the power of the drive motor 5% of the stuck or nearly stuck idlers require additional 50% of the power will cause additional energy loss and even shutdown events, so it is very important to find the jamming phenomenon of the conveyor idler in advance.

Before the conveyor idler is stuck, there will be a process in which the conveyor idler bearing squeaks, and the conveyor idler turns and does not turn. After research, it was found that there was no grease in the bearing, the raceway was filled with dust or debris, and the ball and the raceway were squeezed to death, or the bearing had fallen apart, and the ball was biased to the side of the raceway, and the function of rotation had been completely lost. The general causes of conveyor idler bearing failure are:

1. The sealing performance of the conveyor idler is poor, and the bearing is polluted by water or dust, causing the bearing cavity to be mixed with impurities. After the rotation resistance increases, the bearing is stuck, and the circumference of the tube body is quickly worn out.

2. Pollution of thin mud pollutants on conveyor idlers: When the water in the coal mine is large, the coal slime adhering to the conveyor belt will fall onto the brackets on both ends of the conveyor idlers and the conveyor idler shafts, resulting in increased rotational resistance.

3. The positions of the bearings at both ends of the conveyor idler are different, resulting in serious radial run-out, forced rotation of the bearings and early damage.

4. Severe wear of the material on the roller tube body: In the coking plant, sintering or pelletizing plant of the steel industry, steel slag and wet furnace slag are conveyed, hard and sharp materials adhere to the conveyor belt, and the steel pipe body of the roller is worn It's very fast.

5. The tube body of the conveyor idler is severely corroded by rainwater and acidic materials. Long-term operation causes the seal failure of the conveyor idler, which in turn causes the conveyor idler to be stuck

6. There are two reasons for the jamming of the impact conveyor idler: 1. Due to the large dust at the blanking point, the impact conveyor idler is easily polluted and the bearing is damaged when the sealing performance is poor; 2. The impact rubber ring is basically made of recycled rubber produced, not only poor elasticity, wear resistance, tear resistance, aging resistance are very poor, poor impact resistance, service life is only about 1 year, when the impact force is large, it will cause the impact rubber ring to break, thus directly Impact the structure of the idler, causing the conveyor idler to be stuck.

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