Quality Meets Global Demand: Conveyor Idler Export Solutions for Superior Performance

JIENASI exports hundreds of thousands of various types of conveyor idlers to all parts of the world every year. Some countries do not have conveyor idler production equipment, so they must rely on imports, such as Mozambique in Africa, Mauritius, Sri Lanka in Asia, etc. Most countries already have the ability to manufacture conveyor idlers, such as India, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and even the United States, Spain, Australia, etc. Why do you need to import conveyor idlers? Let us analyze:

1. Urgent needs: Because the conveyor line urgently needs the installation of the conveyor idler to deliver the project on time, but the domestic company cannot deliver the conveyor idler order on time, so it must be purchased from the conveyor idler enterprise with large-scale production capacity overseas, generally In this case, the payment method of the letter of credit is adopted, which not only ensures the on-time delivery of the conveyor idler, but also can concentrate on handling other projects in the project.

2. Steel quality considerations: due to the different steel production standards in each country, it will also affect the quality of the conveyor idler. For example, the most commonly used 45 # steel and seamless Q235 steel pipe in the conveyor idler, the quality standards of some countries are more comparable Low, in which the proportion of important trace elements such as silicon, manganese, and nickel is insufficient, and the heat treatment in the processing process is not strict, which will cause the carbon content to be too high, so that excessive wear and deformation often occur during use.

3. Bearing quality considerations: The bearing is the core of the conveyor idler quality assessment system. The quality of a bearing directly determines the service life of the conveyor idler. The strict process and precision in the bearing, such as the tolerance of the inner and outer circles, The requirements of hardness, rotation accuracy, etc. make it possible for only a few developed countries.

4. The quality of spare parts: the rotating part of the conveyor idler requires high-precision parts, for example, the concentricity of the bearing house needs to be less than 0.025mm, and the labyrinth sealing system of the bearing is made of nylon material that requires high strength and high elasticity production.

5. The consideration of processing technology: the conveyor idler looks simple in structure, but includes more than 30 high-precision parts. These parts should be integrated together and are below the allowable tolerance range. For the production process and production equipment The precision requirements are very high. Some countries' production equipment cannot meet the requirements of this production process. Some key production steps also require manual assembly or even visual inspection to observe the error, which will cause great influence on both quality and the conveyor idler running.

6. Cost considerations: This is the point that customers consider the most. In some countries, the conveyor idler quality is very good, but the high labor cost, raw material cost and even the national tax cost have caused a heavy burden, so large quantities of conveyor idler purchase At this time, they will consider overseas suppliers with higher cost performance, thereby reducing their production costs, in fact, changing their direction and increasing their profits.

7. The above are most of the factors that customers consider when purchasing conveyor idlers in JIENASI. Of course, ultimately, customers need to choose the most suitable procurement plan according to their actual situation and if there are any needs and technical problems, please write to: or log on our website: for check more conveyor idler information.

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