How to prevent over-lubrication of conveyor idler bearing housing?

Conveyor idler bearing housing is an important part of the conveyor idler, and it is the central nerve of the normal work of the conveyor idler. Bearing housings are also indispensable in the conveyor belt machinery industry.

The conveyor idler bearing housing is used to support the bearing. The outer ring of the bearing is fixed, only the inner ring is rotated, and the outer ring remains stationary. It is always consistent with the direction of the transmission (such as the direction of the motor) and is balanced. When detecting the lubrication of the conveyor idler bearing housing, if the decibel of a bearing exceeds the base line by 8 decibels, we believe that the conveyor idler bearing needs lubrication. When we realize that this bearing needs lubrication, knowing when to stop oil injection will prevent the occurrence of over-lubrication.

1. What is the role of conveyor idler bearing?

(1) The conveyor idler bearing housing has the characteristics of high precision, good gloss, no extension scars and burrs. The conveyor idler bearing housing is composed of a housing body, a bearing installed in the housing body, a labyrinth inner and outer seal ring, and the outer end of the inner seal ring corresponds to the large end surface of the housing body with an annular waterproof and dustproof shield.

(2) The inner and outer seal rings have a labyrinth gap at the shield. Since the protective cover and the dust cover in the original structure are omitted, not only the structure is simple, the parts are reduced, but the depth of the housing body is reduced, materials are saved, and the manufacturing cost is greatly reduced.

(3) At the same time, by extending the labyrinth gap and length, the sealing effect is improved, and the service life of the conveyor idler can be extended. The good sealing of the conveyor idler bearing pedestal requires strict quality control of the components to ensure the structural and sealing properties of the component parts, so that the conveyor idler bearing pedestal has good sealing performance.

2. How to prevent the over-lubrication of the conveyor idler bearing housing?

1. Calculate the amount based on the guidance of the bearing manufacturer, and then inject lubricant, not too much.

2. When lubricating oil is injected, the lubricating technician uses sonic instruments to detect the bearings. Slowly fill the oil until the decibel intensity drops to the baseline.

3. If there is no basic line as a guide, the amount of lubricating oil should stop when the sound decreases and then rises. At this time, the technician should stop using lubricating oil. We can also use special wave bearing inspection, sound wave inspection or monitoring is a reliable way to find the initial (more initial) bearing damage.

4. When the temperature increases or the vibration intensity of low frequency is strengthened, the special wave warning will sound earlier. This method of inspecting bearings is very useful when the bearing is damaged due to overuse and lacks lubricating oil or excessive lubricating oil.

The conveyor idler bearing housing has many disadvantages such as heavy weight, inconvenient installation, etc.; and the wet belt is easy to corrode under the work, and the life is short. conveyor idler conveyor idler bearings are mainly used on conveyor conveyor idlers. conveyor idler conveyor idlers are conveyor accessories. The main consumption of conveyors is mine transportation and steel factory transportation. The top conveyor idler used in many other conveyors, where conveyor idlers are used, of course, conveyor idler bearings are used. Another important factor that affects the bearing quality of conveyor idler accessories is the thermal resolution of the quality of the one-way thrust ball bearings in the internal reaction waste and the grinding process, which are often indirectly related to the bearing's effectiveness. The above two points are only the important parts of the conveyor idler bearing. The normal and complete process includes forging, thermal solution, turning, grinding and disassembly. Only when the high accuracy of all these steps is guaranteed can the support The performance of conveyor idler fitting bearings is long-term reliable.

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