Why are HDPE conveyor idler more and more popular?

The role of the HDPE conveyor idler is to support the conveyor belt and the weight of the material. Conveyor idler operation needs to be flexible and reliable. Reducing the friction between the conveyor belt and the idler plays a key role in the life of the conveyor belt, which accounts for more than 25% of the conveyor's total cost. Although the idler is a small part in the belt conveyor and the structure is not complicated, it is not easy to manufacture high-quality idler. There are several criteria for judging the quality of the cone-shaped idler: the radial runout of the idler; the flexibility of the idler; and the axial movement. That is to say, the conveyor idler and related materials are strongly supported by the conveyor idler bracket products. The conveyor idler bracket has a direct relationship with the normal use of the conveyor idler. In general, the conveyor idler brackets the quality directly affects the ease of replacement of the conveyor idlers and the service life of the conveyor idlers. Therefore, while maintaining the conveyor idlers, you should pay more attention to the running conditions of the conveyor idler brackets. The idler bracket can also effectively solve the problem of deviation of the conveyor belt and make the conveyor belt run smoothly.

conveyor idler

The HDPE conveyor idler bearing is installed in a large machine is different, he needs to start the power operation during the operation test to check the inspection work of the installed bearing operation test, these two machines have completed the initial stage of operation inspection, and then open The power running test tests whether the load of the bearing is normal. When the power to the mechanical equipment starts to run, its rotation speed is gradually accelerated. It is known that the running speed reaches the quasi-rotation speed of the standard cast rubber conveyor idler applied by the mechanical equipment. The temperature of the conveyor idler bearing will begin to rise, and the temperature of the bearing will still rise sharply after one hour of rotation. This shows that there are still some problems in the installation process of the bearing. To stop the power immediately, carefully import the angular contact ball bearing. Existing problems that have been missed by the inspection, after all the problems have been eliminated, continue to run the power. When the bearing speed reaches the specified speed, the corresponding time is found. At this time, it is found that the temperature rise of the bearing is stable, and the operation is all normal without any noise. At this time, it can work normally under load.

What is the reason why the HDPE conveyor idler is widely used?

1. High economic benefit, can reduce the comprehensive cost of belt conveyor and reduce maintenance man-hours.

2. Long service life, use time is 2-5 times longer than steel stainless steel idler idler, and can reduce belt wear, the belt can extend the life of the belt without running.

3. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali salts are not corrosive to it.

4. An oxide film is formed on the surface, which does not contact with any substance, and no substance reacts. The grooved idler cleans the belt of contaminants, and the HDPE idler has a large feeding force on the sloped belt, low resistance, and good effect. The double-section idler can reduce the heavy pressure point of the belt on the idler. The idler hollow device can make the belt fall off by itself without sticking to the suction idler, which can extend the service life of the idler.

For the topic of the test and application of the HDPE conveyor idler bearing after installation, we have consulted a lot of information. When installing the conveyor idler bearing, it needs to be installed in a dry and clean environment. The conveyor idler bearing needs to be carefully installed before installation. Check whether the main shaft of the idler conveyor idler and the outer surface rolling elements and cage of the bearing have quality problems. Correspondingly, the burrs on the bearing should be rubbed off with sand cloth in the areas where the idler bearing is not finely processed. Then use gasoline kerosene or bearing special cleaning agent to clean the remaining burrs and sand particles in the bearing. After cleaning, it needs to be dried. After the bearing is dried, add grease. After adding the grease, press the pre-installation grease. Even if the work is completed, it just starts to adjust the clearance of the installed conveyor idler bearing after installation. When adjusting the bearing clearance, it is necessary to adjust the clearance of the deep groove ball bearing according to the actual bearing of the mechanical equipment and the clearance. After adjusting the bearing clearance according to the actual situation, the bearing operation of the mechanical equipment begins. In the inspection and experiment of the situation, usually the small waist drum conveyor idler equipment is used to turn the main shaft of the equipment by hand to check whether the bearing is running smoothly during the operation test.

conveyor idler

conveyor idler


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