What are the main reasons that affect the service life of conveyor idler?

The conveyor idler is an important component of the belt conveyor, and its internal structure is composed of the tube, shaft, bearing, the bearing house, the seal, the retaining ring, etc., . It bears more than 70% of the resistance during the transportation of the conveyor. It is the most used part and the most frequently replaced part of the belt conveyor. How to improve the service life of conveyor idler is a major issue facing production units.

1. Analysis of the reasons for the short service life of the conveyor idler

(1) The sealing effect is not good. The seal used inside the conveyor idler is an axial non-contact labyrinth seal, which is characterized by a small tortuous gap between the inner and outer seals to achieve the seal. The dustproof effect is good, but its waterproof effect is poor. Affect the service life of the conveyor idler.

(2) Poor coaxiality of the conveyor idler shaft. The conveyor idler shaft is a cold drawn optical shaft. The characteristic of using a cold drawn optical shaft is that its surface roughness and dimensional accuracy can meet the requirements of the drawing without processing. It is convenient to use and save labor and effort. However, because the cold drawn optical shaft produces a middle tire Factors such as the wear and tear of the tool cause the dimensional accuracy to be unstable and often exceed the standard. In addition, it is easy to bend during transportation, which makes the coaxiality of the conveyor idler shaft poor. The gap between the bearings installed at both ends of the conveyor idler shaft cannot be guaranteed. As a result, the rotation resistance of the conveyor idler is increased, which affects the service life of the conveyor idler.

(3) Poor coaxiality of the bearing seat. The bearing seat used for the idler is a stamping structure, and the matching part with the tube skin is not processed. The bearing seat is directly welded to the tube skin. When stamping, the bearing seat is not round or the end face of the matching part of the tube skin is unequal. After the skin is welded, the different shafts of the bearing seats at both ends cause the bearing clearance to decrease, the rotation resistance increases, and the rotation is not flexible.

conveyor idler

conveyor idler

conveyor idler

conveyor idler

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