Stay Ahead of Costly Downtime: How to Spot Warning Signs in Conveyor Idlers

The role of the conveyor idler is to support the conveyor belt and the weight of the material. The operation of conveyor idlers must be flexible and reliable. Reducing the friction between the conveyor belt and the rollers plays a key role in the life of the conveyor belt, which accounts for more than 25% of the total cost of the conveyor. Although the conveyor idler is a small part in the belt conveyor, the structure is not complicated, but it is not easy to manufacture high-quality conveyor idlers.

Reducing the conveyor idler spacing can reduce the simulated friction coefficient, but the total resistance will increase. Do not increase the conveyor idler density in the general load-bearing section except at the unloading point to protect the conveyor belt. On the contrary, some users usually increase the conveyor idler spacing to reduce the total resistance value, but the design and installation should be based on sufficient dynamic analysis and high-quality conveyor idlers to ensure the reliable operation of the conveyor belt conveyor. In the calculation formula of the total resistance of the conveyor with a distance of more than 80m, the total resistance is affected by factors such as the length of the conveyor, the selected loading coefficient, and the installation and working conditions.

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The conveyor idlers adopt high-performance bearings and sealing rings, which effectively reduce the rotational resistance of the conveyor idlers; the distance between the two sets of conveyor idlers is 1.5m, and they support the conveyor belt well, so that the sag of the conveyor belt does not exceed the limit value to reduce the resistance; the conveyor belt The rubber adopts new low-friction coefficient materials. Although the manufacturing technology of the conveyor idler is getting more and more advanced, the axial movement is still an important technical index. The buffer conveyor idler often has the situation that the conveyor belt deviates. If the amount of movement is large, it will cause early damage to the conveyor idler. Generally, it is better to control the amount of axial movement within 0.5-0.7 mm.

The influence of parameters such as the special main resistance of the forward tilt friction of the conveyor idler and the special additional resistance of the cleaner friction conveyor belt. Among them, the resistance of the rotating part of the bearing branch conveyor idler, the rotating part of the return conveyor idler and the unit mass of the conveyor belt are the main resistance factors of the conveyor belt transportation. The selected conveyor idler rotation resistance and the conveyor belt depression resistance should be fully considered. The working resistance between the conveyor belt and the roller seriously affects the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Studies have shown that high-precision and low-resistance conveyor idlers are beneficial to reduce the working resistance of the conveyor. It has excellent troughability and reduces the resistance of the conveyor belt to sink, so the flexibility of the conveyor idler is very important. If the flexibility of the conveyor idler is not good and the coefficient of rotation resistance is high, the entire conveyor system has to pay more. Large power consumes more electricity, and sometimes it can cause the conveyor belt to tear, the motor to burn out, and even cause a fire when it is more serious. Therefore, choose conveyor idlers with low coefficient of rotation resistance (preferably less than 0.020)

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