Advantages and application range of stainless steel conveyor idler

Stainless steel conveyor idler have been replaced by carbon steel rollers in many fields. When conveyors are transporting powder or block non-magnetic materials, in order to remove the miscellaneous iron in the object, it is necessary to install iron removers. Because ordinary conveyor idler are steel, in order to prevent the idler from being sucked up by the iron remover, a non-magnetic material idler must be used. Since the supporting conveyor idler is located at the head of the conveying line, the impact force is large. Comprehensively considering the strength of the idler and other factors, the use of 304 stainless steel pipe instead of ordinary carbon steel pipe to make conveyor idler will not only increase the wear resistance of the conveyor idler but also extend the service life of the idler.It is mainly used under the iron remover of the belt conveyor of the underground or power plant to prevent the idler from being sucked up by the iron remover

What are the main characteristics of stainless steel conveyor idlers?
1. The weight is further reduced (only about 1/3 of the weight of the original ordinary idler), the rotation resistance and the moment of inertia are significantly reduced compared to ordinary steel idlers, and the energy saving and consumption reduction effect will be more obvious;
2. The mechanical properties and abrasion resistance of stainless steel rollers are greatly improved than ordinary steel pipes. Although the wall thickness is reduced, the service life will not be affected at all;
3. Stainless steel conveyor idler has strong corrosion resistance;
4. The magnetic isolation of stainless steel conveyor idler is very obvious;
5. The sanitary performance of stainless steel conveyor idler is more reliable;

conveyor idler

conveyor idler


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