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What are the performance characteristics of troughing conveyor idler?


1. The troughing conveyor idler has the characteristics of corrosion resistance: acid, alkali and salt are difficult to corrode it.


2. The troughing conveyor idler has strong hardness: strong abrasion resistance.


3. Good airtightness: the troughing conveyor idler is fully sealed, with plastic labyrinth seals at both ends, oil and grease will not leak, which can keep the rolling shaft for a long time; the troughing conveyor idler is in a fully sealed state.


4. Ceramic surface of troughing conveyor idler: an oxide film is formed, the surface is smooth, does not adhere to materials, and the friction coefficient in contact with the conveyor belt is small, which reduces the driving force of the winding.


5. The troughing conveyor idler has a long service life: the troughing conveyor idler is 2-5 times longer than the steel conveyor idler, and it can reduce belt wear, the belt does not run off, and the belt service life is prolonged.


6. Low operating cost: troughing conveyor idler can reduce the overall cost of belt conveyors and reduce maintenance man-hours.


Troughing conveyor idler are widely used in open-air dusty and corrosive environments, such as mines, power plants, steel plants, stone plants, cement plants, coal washing plants, salt plants, alkali plants, fertilizer plants, docks and other transportation sites Troughing conveyor idler are often used.


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