The latest and most comprehensive world conveyor idler standard 2022 (with version number)

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Before there is no standard for conveyor idlers, manufacturers of conveyor idlers and conveyor accessories formulate their own conveyor idlers with unique sizes, which can monopolize the supply of accessories in the conveyor market and suppress competitors, so as to protect their own enterprises to the greatest extent. However, this directly leads to end customers having to purchase a large number of conveyor idlers of different standards. These conveyor idlers cannot be interchanged, resulting in a large inventory of spare parts, which reduces the maintenance efficiency of the maintenance belt conveyor and pushes up the maintenance cost,

In this context, various countries have launched their own conveyor idler production standards, defining the standard dimensions of conveyor idlers and brackets, thereby breaking the technical barriers between conveyor idler manufacturers and improving the versatility and mutuality of conveying accessories. The replacement performance reduces the maintenance cost of the user, and finally enables the healthy development of the conveyor idler and conveying accessories market. Due to their huge influence, some standards have become the standards of most countries or regions, such as CEMA and ISO standards. Below we have counted the most extensive conveyor idler production standards in the world for reference.


CEMA, is the abbreviation of Conveyer Equipment Manufacturers Association, was founded in 1933, the CEMA standard adopts the British (inch) standard, which is widely used in the Commonwealth countries and the Americas. Different grades such as CEMA-C, CEMA-D, CEMA-E, and CEMA-F. (ANSI) is the abbreviation of AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARDS INSTITUTE, and CEMA is a standard subordinate to ANSI, so we often see ANSI/CEMA appearing in publications at the same time

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ISO is the abbreviation of International Organization for Standardization. It adopts metric standard (mm). The latest version is ISO 4123, which is the manufacturing standard for conveyor idlers adopted by most European countries. ISO standard can also be called ISO-FEM (European Federation of Materials Handling and Packaging Manufacturers)

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DIN is the abbreviation of Deutsches Institut Fur Normung EV (German National Standard), which adopts metric standard and is also a standard widely used in the world. The latest conveyor idler series version is DIN15207-2.

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GB comes from China's national standard. The latest conveyor standard version is GB 14784-2013. The GB standard is formulated with reference to the ISO standard, so the oversized dimensions are basically common to the ISO series. The latest version of the GB series conveyor idler is DT- II series conveyor idler

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It is the abbreviation of British Standard. The formulation of the BS standard is greatly influenced by the ISO standard, so we often see the version of BS.ISO. The latest version of the conveyor is BS 8438:2004


JIS is the standards used for industrial activities in Japan. This standard is widely used in various industrial fields in Japan. The standard of JIS is also a variant of ISO. The latest conveyor idler standard is JIS B 8805


Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione [1] (Italian National Unity, acronym UNI) is a private non-profit association engaged in the regulation of industrial, commercial and service sectors in Italy, and currently the only standard for rollers is UNI-XU Power Roller Standard


The abbreviation of the French Association for Standardization, the latest version of the conveyor idler is AFNOR 53301


It is the abbreviation of South African Bureau of Standards. The latest implementation standard for conveyor idlers is SANS-1313 or SABS-1313


Australian Standard, the latest edition for the series of conveyor idlers and conveyors is AS 1755-2000


Korean Standards are abbreviated as KS, which is abbreviated as a national standard that is determined by the Technical Standards Director after being deliberated by the Industrial Standardization Council in accordance with the Industrial Standardization Law

In the conceptual design process of the belt conveyor project, no standard is better than the other, only the standard suitable for the usage environment and usage requirements is the best. So instead of mixing different conveyor idler standards in a belt conveyor, it is important to decide which design standard should be used and stick to it in the future. Metric (ISO standard) or Imperial (CEMA standard) have competing standards, resulting in very similar design considerations, but these should not be conflated as this would incur additional spare parts and maintenance costs for customers.

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