Trade Secret: 2022 JIENASI Conveyor Idler Sales Record (with amount, company name)

2022 is coming, according to the annual practice, JIENASI coneyor idler sales team will summarize the sales performance, experience and gains and losses of the past year, so as to achieve better results in the new year.

Compared with the total sales in 2021, there will be a decline of about 7.5% in 2022, this is related to the gradual recovery of production capacity in various countries as the COVID-19 epidemic draws to a close. 16.9% of the target, of which about 72% of the orders come from regular customers, thanks to the superior quality and stable performance of JIENASI's series conveyor idlers, and thanks to the unremitting efforts of our entire sales team to achieve this great goal.

Among them, there were 3 orders with an order value above USD500,000, which was the same as last year, and 12 orders with an order amount above USD300,000, 4 orders less than last year, and total 23 orders with an order amount above USD100,000, fewer than last year, but 12 more orders with an order value above USD 10,000, most of which are from new customers, which shows that the economies of various countries are improving steadily, leading to an increase in customers' willingness to purchase .

conveyor idler

Judging from the distribution of product orders, the conveyor idler series is still the main product in sales, reaching 55.6% of the total order, the conveyor pulley series accounted for 18.2% of the total order, and the bracket, conveyor belt and other conveying accessories accounted for 26.2% of the total order. It shows that the conveyor idler series products are still high-consumption products, but the number of orders for bracket products has declined, indicating that the customer's new projects have not changed significantly. The number of conveyor idlers with diameters of 76mm and 89mm in the order has increased significantly, while the number of conveyor idlers with diameters of 127mm and 133mm have decreased a lot, which shows that the customer is trying to reduce operating costs in order to ensure stable profits.

In terms of customer complaints, a total of 6 complaints cases were received last year, two of which were due to shipping losses and loading loss, which had been properly resolved by the insurance company, and the remaining four were product quality problems, two of which were appearance problems, and the rest two issues are the welding problem of the rubber clip rings and the uneven thickness of the static powder painting, especially the painting problem for conveyor idlers, we have received complaints from customers for three consecutive years, we will submit a report to the company's management after the new year and solve the problem as soon as possible. .

In short, in the past year, we have successfully completed the goals set by the company and the sales department, but in the new year we still have to face many uncertainties, including the world economy still facing huge pressures such as war, inflation, and shipping. The drastic price fluctuations provide inferior and low-priced conveyor idler competitors, we must be prepared for this and strive to achieve better results in the new year.

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2022 JIENASI Conveyor Idler Sales Record

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