Maximizing Efficiency: How 3 Key Factors Influence the Durability of Conveyor Idlers

The main indicators that affect the service life of conveyor idlers are as follows:

1. The rotation resistance of the conveyor idler (tested by the conveyor idler rotation resistance test bench)

2. The waterproof performance of the conveyor idler (tested by the conveyor idler waterproof performance test bench)

3. Dust-proof performance of the conveyor idler (tested by the dust-proof performance test bench of the conveyor idler)

The above three key indicators are affected by the quality of the following conveyor idler accessories.

1. conveyor idler stamping bearing house: The conveyor idler bearing house is divided into two types, one is stamping bearing house, and the other is cast iron (gray iron) bearing house. Most stamping bearing houses are welded with steel pipes, and cast iron bearing houses are all extruded with steel pipes. The stamping bearing house is characterized by good sealing and strong overall bearing capacity. The biggest feature of the cast iron bearing house is its high concentricity, but its bearing capacity is lower than that of the stamping bearing house. The quality of these two bearing houses directly affects the rotation of the conveyor idler resistance, because poor concentricity will greatly increase the radial runout and rotational resistance of the conveyor idler. The quality of the bearing houses at both ends of the conveyor idler directly affects the assembly accuracy of the bearing. The following two dimensions of the bearing house are extremely important. The H value affects the axial positioning accuracy of the bearing during assembly. The d value is directly related to the bearing house and the bearing. Fitting accuracy

The stamping forming of the bearing house is a stretching process of the material. According to the shape of the bearing house, the stretching process is determined. Each time of stretching, the stress inside the steel plate should not exceed the strength limit of the material, and the strength of the material can be used very well. Plasticity. When designing the mold, the ratio of the diameter of the circle before each stretch to that after stretching, that is, the stretch coefficient, should be carefully considered. The stretch coefficient vividly indicates the degree of deformation of each stretch.

There are two requirements for stamped steel plates for bearing housings. One is the mechanical properties, which must have good strength and elongation. Most manufacturers use 08A1, and the elongation is above 35%. On the other hand, the thickness tolerance of the steel plate should be within δ -0.05 is the best, and cold-rolled sheet is required. If a hot-rolled plate is used, it should be considered on the die when stamping.

2. conveyor idler bearing: Bearing is the most important part of the conveyor idler. The quality of the bearing directly affects the service life of the conveyor idler. The previous open bearing is very popular because of its low price, but the dustproof effect is not good, and it is easy to appear on the bearing. The phenomenon of stagnation, so now the fully sealed zz and 2rs bearings are generally used. This kind of bearing has a good sealing effect and does not require maintenance. If it is combined with a high-quality labyrinth sealing system, it will greatly increase the dust and dirt resistance of the conveyor idler. The effect of mud, thereby improving the efficiency of the conveyor line and prolonging the service life of the conveyor idlers.

3. conveyor idler seal: conveyor idler seal materials are divided into polyethylene and nylon. The cost of polyethylene is low, but its wear resistance is relatively poor. On the contrary, the sealing cost of nylon material is relatively high, but its wear resistance is high. , what floats on the water is the seal of polyethylene material). The form of sealing is also very important. The labyrinth seal has become the choice of most conveyor idler manufacturers due to its mature design and stable sealing performance. Now the latest design is to install an elastic sealing ring outside the sealing system, which can make the conveyor idler The dustproof and waterproof performance is increased by about 30%.

In conclusion, the working life of conveyor idlers is influenced by several factors, including the quality of the idlers, the installation process, and the maintenance of the idlers. By paying close attention to these indicators, operators can maximize the efficiency and durability of their conveyor systems, resulting in reduced downtime and maintenance costs. As such, it is crucial to ensure that conveyor idlers are installed correctly and maintained regularly to prolong their lifespan and maintain optimal system performance.

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