Three common types of impact idler rubber rings

Flame resistance conveyor idler aprons are the main accessories used on flame resistance impact conveyor idlers. Flame resistance impact idlers are mainly used on underground conveyors system. The way to check whether the flame resistance rubber rings are qualified is to ignite the flame resistance rubber with fire. After igniting, take the fire away to see that the flame resistance rubber ring goes out a few seconds after the fire source leaves, according to the flame resistance standard by DIN22102, the flame resistance rubber ring should go out within 7 seconds after leaving the fire source.

The cold-resistant conveyor idler rubber ring is a kind of impact idler rubber ring, the cold-resistant idler rubber ring is characterized by its cold resistance, it can operate normally in a low temperature environment without affecting the characteristics of the impact and the rubber ring, check the cold-resistant idler rubber ring, the method is to put the cold-resistant idler rubber ring in the refrigerator at -18°C for 24 hours and then take it out to see if it is the same as the rubber ring that has not been put in the refrigerator, the rubber ring with cold-resistant effect will not change after passing through the low temperature.

Polyurethane idler rubber ring with PU elastomer products can be divided into:

(1) Self-lubricating PU elastomer products;

(2) Rebound PU elastomer products;

(3) High shock-absorbing PU elastomer products;

(4) slow rebound, sound-absorbing PU elastomer products;

(5) 130-150 degrees, burning smokeless PU elastomer products;

(6) Hardness 96D±2DPU elastomer products;

(7) Special PU elastomer products.

The impact idler rubber ring is used to absorb the impact force of the blanking area, and supports the conveyor belt and the materials on the belt, and the supporting device for the stable operation of the conveyor belt plays an important role in the transportation of materials.Conveyor idler rubber rings can be divided into troughing idlers, parallel idlers, self-cleaning return conveyor idlers, impact idlers etc.; idler rubber rings are suitable for different occasions and regions, and perform well in material transportation use value. Different types of idler rubber rings have different performance and characteristics, as well as different structural features and advantages, so different idler rubber rings are used in different fields.

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