What is the production procedure of the impact conveyor idler?

1. Steel pipe:

Choose Q235 carbon steel not less than 4mm as the pipe body. This is because the impact idler will be in a high-impact operating environment for a long time, therefore, the pipe body must have a certain strength to provide stable support for the bearing and sealing system.

2. Bearing housing:

The bearing housing is welded at both ends of the steel pipe, and the weld seam is welded by carbon dioxide gas shielded welding or arc welding with J422 electrode below 1.4mm. The roller skin and the bearing housing should be cleaned before welding, and the inside of the roller skin should be painted with anti-rust paint, so that there is no undercut phenomenon in welding.

3. Shaft diameter:

It is recommended to choose 45# round steel with a diameter of 25mm or more for the shaft of the impact conveyor idler to provide better impact resistance.

4. When assembling bearings, fully sealed zz bearings or 2RS bearings should be used, and grease should be filled in the front and rear oil chambers of the bearings. The sealing system should adopt a mature labyrinth sealing system, and 1/2 space should be added in the sealing groove and bearing lithium-based grease. This can effectively prevent dust and sewage from entering the rotating system and protect the stable operation of the bearing.

conveyor idler

5. Assembly of rubber rubber ring: The rubber ring of the impact conveyor idler is made of 15Mpa rubber material with a wear of more than 200mm3. This rubber has excellent elasticity and wear resistance, which can effectively prolong the service life of the impact conveyor idler. When assembling, press the rubber ring with retaining rings on both sides, and then weld it by electric welding.

conveyor idler

6. After the impact conveyor idler is assembled, under the action of 500N axial pressure, the axial displacement of the roller is not more than 0.7mm. When the belt speed is less than 3.15m/s, the radial run-out of the outer circle of the roller is less than 0.7mm.

7. After the horizontal and vertical drop test of the roller at a height of 1 meter, the roller parts should meet the following requirements:

(1) The roller parts and welds should not be damaged or cracked, and the matching parts should not be loose.

(2) The axial displacement of the stick should not exceed 1.5mm.

8. After the assembly is completed, the rotation should be kept flexible, and the assembly size should be within the range required by the drawing.

9. The installation parts on both sides of the week are maintained with grease.

10. After the impact idler is assembled, it should avoid sun exposure or long-term storage, which will affect the performance of the impact rubber.

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