Achieving Optimal Performance: 4 Indicators That Drive Successful Conveyor Idler Bearing Selection

Conveyor idler bearings are divided into single-sealed bearings, double-sealed bearings, open bearings, KA or TN nylon cage bearings, etc.

Features that idler bearings should have:

1. The temperature adaptability range is wide, ranging from -40 to 230°C, and its adaptable temperature can even be as high as 250°C in a short period of time.

2. Excellent oxidation resistance, wear resistance, water resistance, etc. The existence of these characteristics can prolong the service life of the bearing to a certain extent.

3. It can be used under low temperature and high speed working conditions.

4. Good mechanical stability and smoothness of tissue structure.

After understanding the performance advantages of conveyor idler bearings, it is necessary to select appropriate idler bearings according to specific working conditions. For the selection of conveyor idler bearings, we mainly consider the following aspects:

1. The tolerance of the bearing, the change of the bearing tolerance and the error of the tolerance fit will cause the eccentricity of the inner and outer rings of the bearing.

2. Bearing size, there are many types of idler bearing sizes, but it is best to choose the most commonly used size type under the premise of meeting the working conditions, which can save the ordering time of the bearings. In addition, the choice of size form should also be related to the load carried by the bearing.

3. The speed of the bearing, there are many factors that affect the speed of the conveyor idler bearing, such as the size of the load, the use of lubricants, the running accuracy, etc., the conveyor idler bearing must be selected according to the occasions with different speeds.

4. The rigidity of the bearing. During the operation of the conveyor idler bearing, its rolling body will produce elastic deformation in contact with the raceway. In order to reduce the elastic deformation, the idler bearing is required to have good rigidity. There are many ways to improve bearing rigidity, such as preload and so on.

After the conveyor idler bearing is selected, it is necessary to reasonably select its accessories, such as the sealing system. This is because whether the accessories are selected properly is directly related to the service life of the bearing. A good sealing system and fixed accessories can effectively block corrosion of bearings by harsh environments, thereby prolonging the operating life of conveyor idlers

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