The Ultimate Showdown: Conveyor Idler Manufacturer vs. Trading Company – Unraveling the Secrets to Quality and Expertise

When we import rollers overseas, we usually look for suppliers through exhibitions or Internet searches. When we find a company, the first question we ask is: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

Our first impression of the trading company is that the price of the trading company has no advantage, it is not professional, it will add a lot of profits, its after-sales problems cannot be solved, etc., but is this really the case? If yes, why have trading companies and producers co-existed for so long? Yes, a trading company must have its own irreplaceable advantages. Take the conveyor idler product as an example, a trading company will have the following advantages:

1. The trading company is very familiar with the industrial map of conveyor idlers in China, and knows which conveyor idler factories produce high-end conveyor idlers, which factories produce cost-effective conveyor idlers, and which manufacturers are of poor quality and cannot cooperate, thus saving a lot of money for customers time and reduce risk.

2. Extensive information channels for trading companies:

Since customers usually purchase other conveying accessories besides conveyor idlers, such as cleaners, motors, conveyor belts, etc., but manufacturers usually only produce a single series of idlers, trading companies can often provide customers with one-stop purchasing services, which is very convenient, so that client can save much time to foucsing on other business.

3. Price advantage:

Since trading companies usually cooperate with several roller manufacturers at the same time and sign long-term cooperation contracts, the price is usually very reasonable, even lower than the market price.

4. Financing advantages:

Trading companies generally have strong financial strength and can accept some stringent payment methods, such as L/C, C/D, DDP, etc., to relieve customers of a lot of financial pressure, while factories are occupied by the production chain due to capital, It is difficult to accept these payment methods.

Of course, conveyor idler traders have their own disadvantages, such as:

1. The quality of the conveyor idlers cannot be controlled, and the raw materials cannot be effectively supervised

2. The professional and technical problems of conveyor idlers cannot be answered in time

3. There is no right to decide on the after-sales service of the product. Once a quality problem occurs, it can only be resolved through negotiation with the factory, and it cannot exert more pressure on the factory.

So when we choose to cooperate with the manufacturers of conveyor idler companies, we must first look at what our needs are. If our products are complicated and the financial pressure is high, trading companies are a good choice, but if we have a large number of conveyor  idlers, The technical requirements are high, so the choice is the conveyor idler manufacturer is the most ideal choice.

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