Unveiling the Culprits: The Three Main Causes of Premature Conveyor Idler Failure

At present, the conveyor idler bearings and their components on the market have problems such as large running resistance, short service time, and serious damage during use. In order to reduce the number of damages and replacement costs, and improve the processing efficiency of the equipment, the quality must be strictly controlled. The following mainly analyzes the quality of parts such as SKF conveyor idler bearings and bearing housings.

1. conveyor idler bearings

In a sense, we can equate the service life of idler bearings with the service life of idler conveyor idlers. The impact of the sealing device on the operation of the idler is mainly manifested in that it can not only prevent dross from entering the inside of the idler, but also effectively prolong its service life. At the same time, it should be noted that the bearing not only affects the service life of the idler conveyor idler, but also has a certain effect on its rotation resistance. So, what are the main reasons for the premature failure of bearings?

a. Impurities such as sewage and mud enter the inside of the bearing, causing blockage of the bearing components and affecting the normal operation of the bearing.

b. In addition to the action of foreign matter, after moisture, corrosive substances, etc. come into contact with the bearing, it will also cause corrosion. At the same time, insufficient lubricating oil film is also an important factor causing bearing rust.

c. The processing quality and installation process of the bearing itself will affect its service life.

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2. Bearing house

There are two common processing methods for bearing housings used with supporting conveyor idlers: stamping processing and cast iron processing. The difference between them is that the stamping-processed bearing house has the advantages of less processing cost, etc., and the defects such as easy damage and low rigidity of this kind of bearing house can be solved by thickening the steel plate; the cast iron bearing house has the advantages of It has the advantages of high assembly precision, large steel plate thickness, and flexible movement, but its disadvantage is that its weight is much higher than that of stamped bearing houses.

3. Seals System

The most influential factors on the sealing performance of the conveyor idler seal are the selection of seal material and the choice of sealing form. Commonly used materials for seals include metallic materials such as aluminum and non-metallic materials such as rubber. There are three types of sealing forms for conveyor idler seals, such as contact type. They have different performance characteristics and use occasions.

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