The secret to prolonging the life of conveyor idler bearings

1. To prolong the service life of conveyor idler bearings, different adjustments should be made to the bearings according to different usage conditions. Fully understand the on-site environment of the conveyor idler operation, such as wet, dry, dusty, outdoor or indoor, the level of acidity and alkalinity and salt in the air, whether the material is corrosive, etc., so that the corresponding bearing can be used model and sealing system and protection measures to ensure the normal operation of the bearing for a long time.

2. Pay attention to the maintenance of the idler bearings. The currently used conveyor idler bearings are maintenance-free sealed bearings, which can effectively protect the bearing structure from impurities and can be disassembled and lubricated for a long time. However, for special types of idlers For conveyor idler bearings, it is necessary to regularly lubricate the bearings and remove debris. Install and adjust the bearings in a timely manner. Long-term work will affect the running track of the bearings, timely adjustments can greatly reduce the wear and tear of the bearings and prolong their working life.

3. The operating temperature of ordinary conveyor idler bearings is between -30° and 150°. At this temperature, the load capacity, operating capacity and stability of the bearing will not be affected. When the operating temperature of the bearing is not within this range, The damage speed of the bearing will increase, and in severe cases, the bearing will lock up, which will directly affect the production and reduce the service life of the bearing. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the on-site working temperature of the conveyor idler, especially the conveying material should not exceed the specified working temperature of the bearing.

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4. The speed is also a key factor affecting the service life of the conveyor idler bearing. It is ideal to prolong the service life of the conveyor idler bearing and ensure that the speed of the bearing is between 0.5-0.85 times the limit speed when it is working. It is higher or lower than this for a long time. In the speed range, it will have a great impact on the performance of the idler bearing, and will also shorten the service life of the bearing, so the belt speed of the conveyor belt should not be too high, generally controlled at 1.8m/s~3.5m/s is more friendly to the operation of the idler bearing.

6. The quality of conveyor idler bearings is uneven at present, and the lowest is only about 0.3 US dollars. Therefore, before purchasing bearings, you must choose brand suppliers, because they are very strict in quality control. Although the price will be more expensive, the quality of the bearings can be guaranteed. Get maximum protection.

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